1. Why my park isn't here

Playpark information is collected from OpenStreetMap®. OpenStreetMap® is a collective effort to map the world and currently does not include all parks and playparks in the world. 

2. How can I add a park
My Playparks is not a direct source for park information but it relies on derivative data from OpenStreetMap®. If a park you know is not shown on My Playparks, it's most probably not listed on OpenStreetMap®. Please use the functionality and tools offered by OpenStreetMap® to add your park. Once your park is added to OpenStreetMap®, it will appear on My Playparks on the next data sycronisation.  

3. Why isn't there any photo for this park
Not all parks have pictures on the sources we use or in user generated content, and even if they do, it's not guaranteed that the application will show them